A Look at the History

For those house owners just starting a restoration, the road may seem long and filled with difficulty. They could find the floors they sought are beyond saving, and the walls might not yield the pleasant surprise of a hidden window or fireplace. They could even find they preferred the house in its remodelled or updated state once they are finished. Then there are those who get a look at history as they carefully proceed. It can come in the form of a time capsule full of treasures, everyday items trapped behind walls, or it could be in the newspapers found that were used as insulation a century ago.

Each house has its own history, and they are generally entwined with the lives of those who inhabited it. Finding anything of those original dwellers could be a boon for restoration specialists and homeowners. Being able to make a connection with past residents could be nothing more than a joy for the new owners, or it could have a significant impact on the local historic community.