The Fashionable Past

Just like clothing and vehicles, homes have their own trends that have changed over the years. A structure that is a hundred years old now might have been a new trend at the time, but it could have fallen out of favour over the years. Modern home buyers looking for a connection with history are often interested in the fashionable past of a home more than the modern conveniences they can add to it. That alone might make a property worth their consideration.

Fireplaces used to be the gathering place for the entire family. They provided warmth in the cold months, they were often used for cooking meals, and they provided light in the darkness. All of these were legitimate reasons to have a fireplace, but it was eventually replaced by modern elements. Heating became easier with a furnace or stove in the basement. Electric lights replaced that need, and cooking eventually became part of the kitchen instead of the living area. Now, all those needs have been met, but many feel the charm of gathering has been lost.

Uncovering the original fireplace can be a boon for those who find it can be repaired. Many times the chimney must be replaced, but the original hearth could be in good shape. Covering it over with wood was often done when improvements were made, but those improvements were often substantial enough to preserve the original structure of the house. Finding everything intact can be a major boon for remodellers.

Adding the charm back into a home could still take quite a bit of work. While the original facade of the fireplace might be in good condition, the mantle may have been removed. Taking the time to do the research might be the best way to restore the fireplace, and it could provide a gathering place for the whole family once again.