Restoring Older Homes

Uncovering the Beauty


Wood flooring has come back in popularity lately, and most older homes have original wood floors. Many lucky new homeowners have found these floors have been covered with multiple layers of linoleum and carpeting over the years. Uncovering the beauty of a preserved wood floor in an older house adds warmth and value. The discovery alone can make it worthwhile to do the work of restoration.

Walls have often been put up in older houses to cover fireplaces and windows that were no longer popular, so finding them can also be a bonus. Some of those older windows were covered to keep neighbours from looking in, but others were hidden because they did not suit the needs of the residents at the time. Opening up walls to let the light in can have a whole new meaning in restoration.

Fireplaces were the sole way to heat many older homes, but the years have made major changes. While having a fireplace inside the home was once a mark of being poor, it is now a luxury many people crave. Even those in warmer climates have found they add warmth and beauty to a house, so uncovering them when removing a wall can be a welcome surprise. Many houses with hidden items like this were built during a time when craftsmanship was at its height, so the value added by discovery makes the work worthwhile.

Not all older homes will have floors in perfect condition, and there might not be windows or fireplaces hidden behind walls. Some will have unexpected niches, and others might contain hidden stairways. Digging into a restoration project can be a massive undertaking, but the rewards can be a very pleasant surprise as the work proceeds. Even those houses without surprises can become beautiful as old woodwork begins to appear when layers of paint are removed and rooms are restored to their original function.